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Reading Recommendations

Staff Picks

We’re always reading and watching everything in our collection. We’d say we were doing that so that we can make better recommendations for our patrons, but that’s not entirely true… we just REALLY like to read. And anytime you want to talk with our staff about books, just stop on by. We are ready to give you personalized recommendations based on the books you already know and love.

Interested in more in-depth book reviews?

Check out Staff Recommendations on our blog to find our thoughts and suggestions for books we’ve recently read (and most likely loved).

Hugo & nebulA AWARD WINNERS, science fiction reads by linann

Award-Winning Science Fiction, by Linann

If you’re a fan of science fiction novels, then these multiple award winners are must-reads. The Nebula Award is voted on by science fiction writers, while the Hugo Award is voted on by science fiction fans, which means sci fi enthusiasts all agree that these books are some of the best, with winners guaranteed a place in literary history.

Oh, the horror! Serina's ghoulishly good finds to scare the bejeebers out of you

Serina's Horrifying Finds to Make You Jump

If you’re looking for a good scare, there’s a 100% chance that we have exactly the book, movie, video game, or audiobook you need to make you jump right out of your skin. We don’t recommend you read, watch, play, or listen to any of these in a dark house when no one else is home. But if you do, just don’t blame us when you can’t fall asleep at night.

Embrace your inner crybaby. Angel's tearjerkers that are sure to make you boohoo

Grab the Tissues - Here Come the Tears

Feeling bad? Sometimes having a good cry is all that it takes to lift your spirits. In fact, research shows that about 90 minutes after shedding tears, people report feeling even better than they did before they had reason to cry. So consider this list of reading recommendations your very own therapy session – just make sure you’ve stocked up on tissues before cracking a book.

Fantastical fantasy for all ages, curated by Lisa A.

Lisa A.'s List of Fantasy Stories for All Ages

Do you love fairy tales and stories of derring-do? Does the idea of a knight rescuing a princess or slaying a dragon make your heart skip a beat? No matter what age you are, we have the book for you. Check out our list of fantastical fantasy for any reader.

Wow! Graphic novels for grownups! Linann's handpicked books (that look kinda like comics) for adults

Linann's Graphic Novels for Adults

New to graphic novels? First thing to note: they’re not comic books and they’re not just for kids. In fact, when you pair serious literature with “comic” art, the result can be extraordinary. Here’s a sampling of some adult graphic novels that come recommended by our very own Linann.

Adi's memoirs. i.e. other people's memoirs that Adi recommends

Nonfiction Memoirs, as Told by Adi

As much as we love fiction, a good memoir has the ability to reach and affect a reader on a deeper level, thanks to the benefits of stories that actually happened. From Edward Snowden to Anthony Kiedis and everyone in between, the best storytellers are those who are telling their own story.

The ultimate independent film recommendations, according to Conrrado

Connrado's Ultimate List of Independent Films

There are so many wonderful films—fiction and nonfiction alike—that never make it to theaters. Check out this list of small or independent films that are worth a watch (even if you’ve never heard of them).

Kate's cooking corner. no guarantees that meals will look like the pictures.

Taste Tested & Kate Approved

Get crazy in the kitchen with Kate’s cookbook recommendations. From ethnic food to healthy and clean eating, there’s something on this list for every cook and every table.

Chelsie and Lorene's young adult reading recs. Also recommended: reading YA even if you're a grownup.

Chelsie & Lorene's YA Book Recommendations

You don’t have to be a young adult to enjoy these books. Don’t believe us? Stephen Colbert gets it. He’s quoted as saying, “As far as I can tell, a young adult novel is a regular novel that people actually read.”